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ng. The cause Of:the fire fa, being inves- A int edgition tains aeikauainan eae ' em others filed with fodder, were de p strored see tre wee eS

atimatea at froca #2000,000 to, $6,000.-

oS One Professor Resigns:

> xqTokio, ‘Oct.’ 2.—Nakamure /Takashe-

fov-one of the siz professors who sign-

} e@-qn |anti-peace memorial to the throne | » Was compelled ‘to yield to thé: pressure brought ‘upon them, and tendered his resignation, which was accepted yes-

t, terfay. a Komura at Port Arthur, ~

‘Port Arthur, Oct, 2.—Barog’ Komura. i Japanese peace commissioner, passed

through here Friday morning. He was

greatly interested in the mammoth ele-


~ Yo Develop Jap Commerce.

Tokio, Oct. 2—A joint meeting of the chambers of commerce of the Em- Dire was formally opened here to-day inithe local chamber of ‘commerce building. 3 “The meeting has been called to consider the post bellum development of commerce and industry. « Forty-nine. chambers of commerce are represented; *

Brantford, Oct..2.—In less than an hour after the two murderers, Bennett and Doyle, haq received their death sentences, and within two blocks of the Court House itpelf, a double tragedy oc- curred Saturday morning, by which a father shot his daughter and then turned the revolveron himself.

Both were shot ‘through the heart.

Friday evening. a young .Armenian girl, Vartanoosh Kasperien, married Vahan Sefarlan. The ceremony was objected to by her father. Saturday morning the couple were walking out on Wellington strect, near. the Goold, Shepley & Mulr wind mill works, ‘ac- companied by a boy § years old.

When half way up the hill the father of the girl, Kaspar Kasparian, who had been walking on the opposite side of the street, ran across and fire twice at the girl One bullet plerced her side and the other her lungs. He attempt- ed to fire at the other man, but the re- volver only snapped, and this gave Sefarian and the boy -time to run around a corner and escape.

The fath@r then turned the revolver on himself, shooting himzelf through the heart.

“Oh, my God! that wax my father.” cried the girl in her awful agony, but the terrible injuries soon took away conscloutfiess an she lay on the ground with her Tite blood staining her whlte biouse. She wax removed to the hox- pitaL

Brantford a Main Line City.

Brantford, Oct. 2.—Brantford Satur- day welcomed the advent of the Grand Trunk main Iine. by one of the most notable ‘celebrations ever experienced in the history of the city. All the lead- ing magnates of the G.T.R., represen- tatives of the Provincial Government, Mayors of Toronto and other’ Jarge cities, presidents of neighboring boards of trade, and many others were present, and assisted in making the demonstration one long to be remem bered. Thousands of citizens ‘were present at the reception, while hun- dreds of others lined the streets to witness the procession. Th celebra- tion centred chiefy in the speech making at the new station.

The Second Hageu Conference.

London, Oct, 2—The Foreign Office has received a communication from Russia with respect to the proposed second . peace. conference at The Hague, but has not yet replied to it.

Paris, Oct. 2.—Premler Rouvier has announced that Russia‘’s invitation to participate in another peace confer- ence at The Hague had been received by France, and accepted in principle, leaving the details for determination when the program is made up.

ed girl, was arrested shorily after, as| was also a companion of the father named Slamosian, who egged on the father to do the deed.

It.ds alleged that the father was an- gered because the girl married Sefar- fan nrainst his wishes, Slamovinn be- ing the favored aultour in the father’s eyes because of Slamosian’a money.

Murderer King Hanged.

Edmonton, Oct. 2.—Charles King, the American from Salt Lake City, Utah. who killed Charlies Hayward, a vanne. Englizhmgn. and byrnry his re-

an - In: » Brantford.

Armenian Kills Duughter ‘Whose --Marrlage ‘Displeased. Him.

Then He Shot Himseit Through the Heart—His Obnoxious Soa- in-Law Escaped Him Husband of Murdered ‘Girl and Man Named Siamosian, Sald to Have Egged Father to Do the Deed, Arrested

1 Sefarlan, the husband of the read



Lay nies Xeesh eave ot Davy taht bat sf

iial.2s, hnd whose esccution” was © ae layed a month owlng to the celebration attonding the birth of the new pro- Vince, wax hanged Saturday morning In the Mounted Pollce barrack yard. He had two trials.

Bouble Hanging on December 15.

Brantford, Oct. 2.—Justice Anglin Saturday morning sentenced Fellx Doyle and Joseph Bennett to be hang- ed on December 15 next. “A’ reserve caso was asked for Doyle, but the Judge refused to grant it, stating thar the

plea might be taken to the Court of.

Appeal. Doyle broke down under the sentence, but Bennett was immovable. Both prisoners asserted’ thelr inno-

cence, 1s Acquitted of Murder,

Montreal, Oct. who was accused of the murder of H. Mitchell, while on a picnic some weeks ago in Dorval Islands, was acquitted Saturday evening In the Court of King’s Bench, the trial having lasted. several days. The parties had been drinking. and the evidence waa so conflicting that the Jury gave Kernick the benefit of the doubt.

Son Tries to Eat Father.

Toronto, Oct. 2—William Little lives with his father, John Little, at 52 Staf- ford street. On Saturday night the son came hone drunk. The father re- tmonstrated with him, an@ in return Willlam assaulted his father, throwing him down and biting bis chin and Up. The father was taken to the Emergency to have his wounds dressed, and the son to No. 3 police station.

Pleads Gui'ty to Forgery.

Kingston, Oct. 2—John pleaded gullty Saturday morning te pussing a forged cheque for $190 on the

Ktank of Montreal here on September ;

Int. He was remanded to look up his record. Set Fire to Hay In Stable. Ingersoll, Oct, 2.—Thomas Denning, printer, of thls town, appeared before Magistrate Morrison here Saturday on the serious charge of arson. Evidence

GSS SS See 8 eee act peels oe

Philosophers Say iThere We FOr Leet inind

a Reason i


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sold in Belleville than all other patterns put together.

, From May rst to July 31st, we sold 915 New Idea Patterns or an average of 305 per month.

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that are sold for 15, 20 and 2sc. you—

The New Idea Pattern For 10c

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2.—Charles Kernick, .

Harinell |

trom! tha cond falls to) the auouet

eee eeeee five, years. |

: tssued an order prohiéiting the torch-

light proeessions | w: parties and the

the coalition

October 3. 4 Haultain Sticks. A Winnipeg, Oct. 2.—The rumor that

Mr, Hauitain will retire in South Qu’ Appelle and contest a

regarded as pure fi here.”

British Revenue) Increases, London, Oct. 2,—The net increase in revenue for the quarter ending Sept. 30, is $371,510, despite the decrease In the duty of tea. a |

SE eee een ~ Re-Opening of Suez Canal.

Port Said, Oct. 2.—iThe’ authoritles ‘officially announce that the canal will be re-opened: to the-trafiic of ali ships about Oct. 4..

Two Cholera Deaths. Lodz, Oct. 2—Two' fatal cases 0! cholera occurred here yesterday.

Stratford’s Population. | Stratford, Oct. 2—Assessor Shar- | man has completed hia roll. for 1906, showing an assesement of $5,741,315, an Increaxe of $1,022,930" over the assena- ment of 1905. The population ts re- ported ax 12,827, an Increase of 586.

Quits the Equitable, Chicago, Oct. 2.—Howard H.

Hoyt. western superintendent of the Equit- nble Life Assurance Society, has re- stzned, and was yesterday elected vice- President of the Chicago Life Insure nonce Co,

King Leopo'd *o Stay. Bruese!x, Oct. 2.—King Leopold, at the banquet of the congress on colon- lal expansion last night, gave emphatic dental to recent reports that he Intend- ed to abdicate?

Roman Catholic Bishops to Meet.

Montreal, Oct. 2.—The fourth annual meeting of all the Roman Catholic archbishops of Canada will take place in Ottawa on Wednesday,


But On Going Took Children, Cash, Horee and Buggy.

Port Hope, Oct. 2,—It is only a month ago when Mrs. Wm. Davidson of Ross- mount ran away with her husband's hired man, She returned and had been Ilving with her husband untill Satur- day, when she agaln disappeared. This time, while her husband was away. ahe took the horse and buggy, $67, and her four amall children. Her where- abouts are unknown.

Over Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara Falls, N. Y., Oct. 2—The body of an unknown man was taken from the Jower river Saturday after- noon. It ts believed the body came over the Canadian, or Horseshoe, Falls, The body is that of a man about 50 years old, with Nght hair, moustache and beard. .The height Is about 6 feet 7 Inches, and the- weight about 160 pounds,

A second body was picked up yes- terday morning at 9 o'clock by William Lebiond,/Sr.. and William Leblond, Jr. The body recovered yesterday morn- ing was that of a man about 40 years old, five feet 10 inchea tall, weight about 165 pounds, grey moustache, and a pin on vest Inscribed “St. Michael's Golden Jubilee, 1905."

Winnipeg News. Oct. 2.—Ald. Latimer Is

scarce this year, and with

in population the demand

exceeds the supply.

fee crooks from the United States cra Saturday sentenced to two years

in the penitentiary for having. burglars

tools In their possession,

Parade Starts Riot.

Brunn, Austria, Oct. 2.—Fifty thous- and Germans arranged a torchlight Procession here Saturday night to de- monstrate against the proposed eastab- Nahment of a Czech university here, Czechs threw stones at the paraders, wounding 60 of them. The vice-burgo-

stored. *

Bubonic In Mongolia, St. Petersburg, Oct. 2—A message received here from Ohita, Trans-Bai-

“| kalla, says that twenty cases of bu- j_ bonlc plague, ten of which resulted

fatally, have occurred near Dalal-Nor- Hulan Lake, near the Russian fron- tler, Mongolia, and two cases at Manchuria Station.

Dies Far From Home.

Roathern, Sask., Oct. 2.—D, H, Win- ter, Inspector of western branches Bank of British North America, Montreal, died at Prince Albert Hospital Satur- day morning of typhold fever, He was tak: In *hero while relieving Looe! 4eent J. Hillard two weeks agu.

sts respectively anndunced ‘Saturday Pould take place

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: Three, Moathr of thon eae MARKET a: Weel Gy tenes Ste Exes.) Zhcet)_ |< ebreatment, Restored: Hin, Male. ene =| Wheat Closes’ Lower ‘st Chicago and ) BASEBALL: SATURDAY. -- ‘Baldness Is.cansed. by dandruff, _ Beveral’. secret Liverpool Saturday—Live Stock Mare SUS aS, ~ which In-caused by a germ. Kiil-the Tunching ina 3S i= r

1 . ;

New York 9, 8t:Louls 2. Germ and) it" is dimost teertais) that 1

P Pitti Brookisu'3 (irst game).. | Lair) will grow: again, “if the follicl Fittabieg 3 Rrocuiga 2 {second game). Gwe rang tay = destroyed. Nels | - Presta’ “inna! ‘etersony 0: c Mont. says, | Borin ae iciacasas , eee “Ts bad been bald: six years. iand bed) meri League. v= } tried“all kinds of “cures,” but: without any. benefit -whatovor, , until: "I :tried Her picide. “November. 16,1899, 1) be- using Hi and In» --three

kets: —' The Latest Quotations.. = e ir ‘Sept, 3k, 3 Saterday Rrectac. Sept, 3,

ae Hy



no substitute Sold b: ding . drug.

gists. Send 100 in ee sree. tbe’ i to-The Herpicide Co., Detroit, Mich,’ s a bank ;

J. 8. “MeKeown,” special agent... ‘|- On Saturday a per tp ran Qfter searching

a | ace rie, cule atten Stamford Bridge, Engtand, on Satur- | 94° after. Rentine as a dolng the cistanes in te minutes, : thon :

day, ~ 1 1825 is. °° n'ai hour ’Larned |,, 200. Steme Church congregation, on Walked clght miles S39 Yards, also. .B as <7 a Prieta th for the ime. 2 On, Baz.’ A’ it Laracd -wilked four miles insti:

i i

iz ¢



© Batteries—Orprall and Btreet: Wilts‘and

Eres wens ee gp | Clark. Umplre—O'Day, Attendancs—14> NECHIGONCER | en isan tonanc 2

utes 1k seconds, beating the world's Fepard.- == . ebice® A ‘Boston (American) 7. Gisgoane * "7 plane: At Rt, Lorde Nations sp RES, ‘Alcohol asa Medicine. heer ay 2 Tbe Moapitaly nirz.| itis: not overstating tho matter to Bt. Touts” 100002000-3 8 1] 43) that our grandfathers, Jay and kiya. 0905000005 12 11 medical. wlike, regarded alcohol, © es-

trivk—McPariand and Leahy; Strick- ; at rete ond Ritter. Umpire—Klem | Attend-| pecially in the form of spirit, as ance—i00, Reet the’ prime resource in cases of sov-

ero, illness or injury.:. Even to-day


Young People’s Convention. ~ dadieations point to s-very success-

fa! convention ef Xoung People's So. £12000 te Ge s cteties, which is be beld bere on -him shown October 10th, 11th and “izth."A very. > day'a interesting ~ and instractive pro- Kramme has teen propared by the Provincial’ Executive, andthe local

ADVERTISEMENTS uader "this head, 25 “wore's or Jess, _2§ cents “for. one “insartion, Xi“ gd one cost for each addition ~ 2) a word 5 4 insertions, 75¢ ""*" § insertions, $1.00, Invariably

properwork- |,» manship and fi our prices .#re_-:moder- + ates So 3

© Qae of The Dangers of Bascball. _'

pits Oe § the majority of householders look yp. | arrangements, which nre in. the hands Robinson &Thompson. HAT OE reer iene ie ete New York, Sept. 30.,— During th@] on tho brandy-bottic as a fecish to | Of ® strong committee, are such as to vide f Merchant Toles, < ~ $8). applies to sacept Paver- a s Sern} 5 ensure success. Some eminent speak- a Pare ater | nS or ¢ = for Auction Sales - American League baseball season, charu away disease and death. Siow-| ore from the United States and Can- al himself again came to see me and a SS mice rabinctarine, [yn anes coplete. tanee!| 0 dius meu ttedt[ast as ra ear ned te ng” oe to ake th tte go tm | ade hy sic, aa atin | see acre cents gar, Fore Cee ee ite toca ostecal toeaca: bat yicigiey Ta the light of modern selen. eal pet ay a as Pat oO eed Gore acta casteeea baer’ TE eo arts guiet at@w «|< ROYAL PLATING AGENCY. , warks and Sgures as one 5 \ilic knowledge, Yesterday we were | sisted by a choir of over a ‘hundred “4 aid ? asked W YORK DAIRY MARKET, “|. r nrc $ . . to-day ho lost the services of Nor- bt that 4 an ‘And why you resign b : Over Lewis’ Hard Btore:%.. Rp ee word each. “5 wan Elberfield an@ David Fultz for | ttrscted by larec dene at Spentyi roles: conelsthons Zot, See iceat vocal- his former employers, gasing at him |’ JT ras cbt temn ey mee oer elie Piatiog, also Bioyal SS | the remainder of the season: These.| co aay these who have. atddind tue of the if aper end in admiration. : Cheese—Quiet: and vactanged; receipts, | Yrotal Plating. ; Bee ee se WANTED. two. players were in their respective | broviem most carefully in the lab- | fvapeclal interest and rain, , “'Gentlemen,’ said the man of on :

a ‘A‘cook.* Apply to Mrs. Geo. Btew. | positions of short-stop-and centre-

field in the firat’ game of a double. = “art, Cor. Vietoria Ave. and George St.) a4er with. Cleveland to-day. {n

ee & the fourth inning Bradley sent a Good canvasser for Weekly Intel-j long fly to left .centre, and Bultz,

* oO. E


oratory and by the sick-bed, and who ure entitled to direct professionel opicion on the ~ matter, inform ua that to administer aleohol to the in.

uu : y fe

tures of ‘speolal interest and ralue, peer eae os ee respecting which we will ‘keep- our prorat pacrerhbers ie re eke readers Informed’ from day to day. There has never been a



Sividual suffering from shock Is to : have been strangers all my Buth | Cables Unchsaged—Trade is Dull ta =3 Hligencer. Great proposition. We offer | running speaker date ere ithe increase the danger to his life: ‘Chir | your child comes in from play. _ Will continue to be the case. Gentie- the American Markets, Beef cent .- a0 Gy LOC, - four pasaasinene datelligeees A beni. les run in from his position, | '¥. 7°27" aga this country thought it | coughing or showing evidences of men, I resigned because that last offer you cannot make monty. lead

-was iniquitous to withhold “aleobol from patients suffering from typ. hoid fever. Sow, as we learn from a paper written by Dr. Dawson Burns for presentation to the International Congress against Alcoholism, which mecta at Buda-Pesth this week, tho London Temperance Hospital is able to show for a period of 33 years a mortality of only 14.4 por cent. in all cases of typhoid fever treated in the hospital, tho mortality for the last ten years Leing 12.7 per cent. The mayority of these patients wers not given alcohol. It will be scen

Grippe, sore throat.or, sickness of was simply near my price’”

apy kind, get out your bottle of Ner- - ys

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Nerv’ an vo internal doses of wo

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ment or paln reliever equals Polson’s ® Zs a Z

Nerviline, which bas been the great. A woman's hopes are woven as sun-

famlly remedy in Canada for the past. beams; a shadow annihilates them.—

Ofty years. Try a 250 bottle of Ner- George Elsot.

viline, Women cannot sce 20 far as’ men —— can; but what they do eee they see

To January fst, 1906, Wicker—Buckle.


aligeare sae Pets ot nd each was'so intent on his work 3oe, te ide» piri int ij Dellarilley Oat that aelther saw the other eT hinists, erectors, fitters and | heads crashed together. e! pecchios hands. State experience. ! prone to ‘the ground and lay as if Hox G, Istelligencer. « © ~29-6t | dead. The game was stopped imme.

diately and the players of toth teams

Generat servant. Good wages pald. | ran to where the injured men were Apply MBS. 0. C. LEAWENS, George | jying. Several policemen ran to fen- aie 8. opposite H. Corby's. 325-tf

der assistan® and a hurry call was Agents wanted. $2.50 per day. Ap-

} turned in for an Smnbalants. ae physicians jumped down from ro

i Cooper, Drawer, 531, London.

ee ee : Jy19-dly

grand™ stand and gave what ald they could to the “prestrate Two of the - big Cteveland: players

oS SALE. bbed a barrel of) loa water and i If woman did turn man out of para- |) i 72 not air | carried it across the dlamond. Then | tbat the resulis, eUbbrrnasavenolliag 15. cents. iso the bas dove her best erer since ; : One “Famous ‘beater, with: bot alr they got a couple of banches, using | «i tions. For example, the mor. Or 15 th to make it up to him.—BSheldon. NEW “YORK LIVE STOCK. = Pipes: citod both: in firateclaancon, |tbem as stretchers, in which they | (mtiullons. For example, the mor. iat hete Roe 1 Lovers bave in thelr language an in- | | New York, | Sept. 30. Beeves Recipies : Roe ed et south Charles at, [conveyed the unconsclous men tothe | Llity as Asylums Hoard fos y fini ber of words in which each | 35 care ‘held caer pena et : dition, Apply 185 South pha rleset clubhouse, which they reached just |fctropotitan | Asylums Hoar < ¢ num 23 cars held over yesterday; ex ‘- e-

We will give The Weokly Injelll- cl gencer from naw until Jan. iat, 1906, saiiebis ts ie caress: secant for 15 cents, or from now to Jan. A pthc beer! P aes. Inf, 1907, for $1. No oheaper reading & good wo: pl the heart; one is anywhere. Twelve large , pages & Jewel, the other a treasure—Napo- (seven columns) each Issue, includ. on L ing all the news of the day, local How-wisely it is constituted that ten- news, markets, cheese markets, to- der and gentle women shall be our gether with editorlal comments on earllest guides, tnstilling thelr own mentees of live interest, an interest- splrits.—Channing. 3 story, the Talmage sermon, eto. Tetl your {rlends—The Weekly Intel- ligencer from now’ until Jan. lst, 1906, for only 1Se. . -#27-6td-3tw

pitals during the year 1904 was 14.58 per cent, We are far from being in agreement with tha intemperate aod “wholesale condemnations of aleohol hat are so constantly thrust upon us by tho sclf-styled temperance re- former, We maintain that in modera- tion alcoholic drinks are pleasant and harmless. But we desire to point out {hat tho value of alcohol and alco. holic beverages in the treatment of acuto discases Is not so great ua med. ieal men have hitherto AUpposed.

an city. c as the ambulance arrived. -Elberficld

house, pleasantly sit- | was the first to revive, and after > Tereehy eset pcych good pee being treated for some laccrations ¥ {rult frees, well, cistern and. cel- | of the head and face, as well as shock, Ee lar. Inquire Intelligencer office. he was taken to a nearby hotel, from Bas . whlel! be vent a mesmge to his friends in Tennessce, stating that he was not serlously hurt.

It was feared that Fultz had sus- tained a broken jaw and nose, and = : probably a fracture of the ekull, and he was taken to thp Washing- ton Helghts Hospital.

day. and to-morrew, 1900 cattle and 7000 of beef.

& Boy's Fancy. “George,” sald his mother, “why. you pay so much attention to that Mid- dleton girl? She has a face like apple pic.” E

“That’s my favorite ple, mother,” sald Gcorge—Clereland Plain Dealer,

@old at $8.26 to $3.5744: cull Jamba, Hogs Shacalpta 1171; none tote eate alive; nominatly steady. | « CHICAGO LIVE STOCK.

Chimneys. _ Calmneys constructed on modern

f resi rinciples were almost unknown to the Bept. 30—Cattle—Receipts, 000; One of Many, eet ___—_—____— z Sale of China Fe eer ee need that. Falls socteute, belug’ esed ‘coly tt the large peeves. F200 fe $0.16; good to prime strers. | Jack—Bebold the fair damsel coming- - : suuld ereeavare His condition was ALL NEW YORK STOCK baths, where great quantities of hot 10; stockers aad feeders, $225 (0 $4.30; | down the street. She is a miss with) Cu and : considerably improved and hls skull | Who are interested in the Hospital QUOTATIONS, %?' Ye needed. Chafing dishes, sewer eas Pie #2.10-to $4.36; aac Fe aed ps ls not fractured. Word from Ejber- | Hoge and Indigent work, are invited braziers of glowing coals and bottles ives BS een 12,000; mixed. and. bet- ‘om— Wha’ mission r field's quarters was to the effect | to Uttcnd the annual mecting of the YURNISHED BY J, R. HEINTZ & CO.’s ef hot water were employed by the | chere’ $510 te $315; xood beavy, $335 to} Jack—Seeking a man with a mansion Saucers Ahat: he was:recovering ‘rapludly. W. 1C. Ass'n., on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd, Locat orrice. : ladles of the middle ages to keep their | $75: roag& Reavy, 5.05 to $5.55; ebt | —Boston ‘Transcript. aS anise 4 amen 8 ‘Vee eugeee ae in the Council cham. ps, rooms warm, and a curious picture ts | $cite ‘tao te EXT6. ; Having soured team ff cons eee RES [ter, Arce the erets Bate bcs Sex Yous ca, 2 Sta ofthis Norman laden cat | "Stee em: ann Ste; manufacturers at a greatly 8 . corded, those who were membera for | STOCK Op'g Ckese hoy’ oeelbere cece with be vo of CHEESE MARKETS. CLARK'S HAM LOAE . Fete Deere haif a thou. The idea of a hockey league COM} the year just closed are asked to| Atchison Seawater PI Leber deed kai

scleet the fifty-two trustees, from whom will bo chosen, by themaclves,

Brockville, Sept. 30—Offertogs to-day | tas. ail. tho tising favour of 2 were 5441, Balt colored. Bales on the board perfectly caea haan) Sliced thin It oo"

_China Cupe t Hope, Pet- and Saucers, we have placed posed of Belleville, Port . Hope, were 600 white at 11%¢ and 1572 colored at

Tr same on bergain vountera alj erboro, Picton and possibly other 3p known in England until the twelfth


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